SafeMove Mobile VPN - Secure and Seamless Connectivity for Mobile Workers

SafeMove mobile virtual private network solution (MVPN) enables easy and secure access to the corporate internal network, ensuring an unparalleled user experience making it an effective solution for all mobile workers.

With seamless roaming between fixed and wireless networks, users benefit from a friction free connection that offers the type of LAN-like experience they expect, whether it's via laptops or mobile devices.


SafeMove is based on open international standards such as IPsec, IKE and Mobile IP. It seamlessly integrates with existing Internet-based applications and leverages existing technology investments. In addition, SafeMove uses encryption libraries accredited with the internationally recognised industry standard FIPS 140-2.


With SafeMove, mobile workers are more productive wherever their work takes them. For businesses, this means maximizing mobile workforce productivity while minimizing wireless access costs.


SafeMove Mobile VPN solution is available either as SafeMove Premium (original) or as SafeMove Core.


Birdstep’s SafeMove Premium is recommended for high-security environments, such as government, utility, finance and healthcare sectors. The solution is available as a Service or as a license deal.


Birdstep’s SafeMove Core is recommended for private sector enterprises and organizations with a large amount of mobile workforce. The solution is available only as a Service.


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SafeMove Mobile VPN in Brief
Zero-click connectivity - automatically connects with no user involvement necessary
Seamless roaming - seamless roaming between networks that is transparent to both the user and applications
Long Session persistence - VPN and applications continue working during breaks in connectivity
Productivity - applications can be used regardless of time and place
Cost savings - minimizes use of expensive GPRS/3G networks
Reachability - enables secure two-way connections to all computers and mobile devices, also outside of the internal network
Solid security - strong authentication, FIPS 140-2 encryption, secure Hotspot login
High availability and load balancing - highly scalable architecture with support for multiple data centres and automatic selection and failover
Integration to enterprise infrastructure such as Microsoft Active Directory
Standards-Based - complements your chosen architecture and is future proof, proven security, well understood and mature