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Usability Plus Security

Thanks in no small part to the enviable position Apple currently holds in the hearts and minds of consumers, usability is one of the preeminent buzz words in the technology industry. Steve Jobs has proven that without usability, all the complicated possibilities and impressive specs that technology can offer amount to very little. What use is all the power in the world if one has no idea how to use it?


Entrepreneurs and organizations have learned from Apple's example, and now usability comes first for the savvy business. Oftentimes, the increased focus on usability has negative consequences elsewhere. Usually, what is sacrificed is security.


SafeMove does not sacrifice security; far from it. SafeMove offers an unparalleled user experience with genuine "zero-click connectivity" while not compromising security. Mobile workers needn't worry about complicated network connection processes or about the safety of their information. In fact, they don't have to pay attention to their connection at all. They are connected, their information is safe and now they can focus on work.

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