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A Note on Costs

Make -Money -OnlineIntelligent network connectivity provides an obvious increase in productivity (as we have addressed), and there are also immediately tangible ways it helps the bottom line.First, SafeMove Mobile VPN has a big impact on mobile data costs. The mobile operator saves money when off loading to Wifi, and the price to build hotspots is 10% higher than to build mobile networks. In Cisco's yearly Broadband Report they stated that users should be handed over to their home network between 30 - 60% of all surf time, which would make the cost zero for the mobile operator.



Here are some more numbers:


The mobile broadband growth year-on-year according to Cisco is between 93% and 300%, with EMEA representing the former figure and Latin America the latter.


The success of Mobile Broadband is putting an extra strain on the networks. The traffic generated for each PC is equivalent to that of 15 smartphones or 450 "old type" mobile phones. According to Cisco, the increase in data traffic in the Mobile networks will be 25 fold by 2012, whereas revenues will only increase by a factor of 2. According to AT&T (the operator serving most data customers in the world currently) the mobile data revenue for 2009 increased by 26.3% while the amount of data grew by 200%.


With all this data, it is imperative that mobile workers can access the network, because the data costs otherwise are enormous. One of the biggest operator groups in Europe says production cost per MB for WiFi is in the order of 0,2€c where 3G production cost per MB is 2€c (factor 10). SafeMove can help ensure that data costs are kept low.


Second, because of SafeMove, users have a better experience, which reduces helpdesk costs.


Analyzing more than half a million support enquiries within mobile operator and equipment manufacturer's technical support centers, WDSGlobal's research has concluded that mobile broadband products are up to 200% more expensive to support than traditional mobile products such as mobile phones. The area of greatest concern came from USB modems and PCCards. The average duration of a technical support call for such products is 28 minutes. By comparison, a technical support call for a mobile phone averages just less than 10 minutes. Each support call avoided for a mobile broadband product is an extra half hour of help desk time saved.


Before the increased productivity of the mobile workforce is even accounted for, these are two ways in which SafeMove Mobile VPN can save you money.

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